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Social Media Demystified

Facebook was launched in 2004 and since has grown to a staggering 400 million active users.
200 million of those users are active on facebook everyday.

Over the last few years there has been more and more businesses looking into facebook and the possibilities it may bring .

The last few years have also seen increased functionality for integrating facebook with external sites and now has become an extremely important ingredient to a growing number of companies marketing strategies.

Websiteblitz  seeing  the  rise  in  demand  for  knowledge  on how to integrate  facebook  with  a  business  or project has now developed a program  to help business owners create a business profile on Facebook and  also create strategies to successfully implement the running of a facebook page to run in conjunction with regular marketing strategies.Contact us to find out when the next program is running.

Twitter  was an idea that was brought to life by Jack Dorsey combining his  experience with developing software to despatch couriers, taxi's,
and  emergency  vehicles from the web with his growing interest in the mechanix of AIM and LiveJournal applications.

The idea of making a more "live"  live  journal  that was real time and updateable from the road
spurred  him  on  to  design  and implement one of the fastest growing social media interfaces the world has seen.

Twitter  puts  CEO's  and  the  man on the street onto a level playing ground  giving  them access to the communications of others like never before.Real Time! ...As it happens!

Seeing  the  recent  growth  in  the number of people into the twitter arena  Website  blitz  has  developed  a course for twitter newbies to point  you  in  the  right  direction before the frustration of it all becomes  too  much.

Put  in  the  disciplines  and  strategies given by Websiteblitz along with the reccomended software and filtering and you can mine the avalanche of information sweeping around you easily and bring more  prospects  into your sales funnel. Twitter is a numbers game and twitter is big numbers.

In   2001   there  was  an  application  called  B2  developed to make blogging easier on the internet. After a few years the software seemed to go through a dry spell as far as  new versions went and it seemed that B2 was going to die a natural death.

There   was  a  few  different  types  of  blogging software available at  the  time  that   all  had  good  but different attributes and the thought  of  his favourite blogging software dying a natural death was all too much for Matt Mullenweg

In 2003 Matt decided to get  a  group  of developers  together to incorporate all these great ideas into one application and Wordpress was born

Wordpress since then has developed in to an extremely versatile piece of  software  that  challenges many current content management systems and i would predict will surpass most in the near future.

One  of  the  best  features of a wordpress blog is the XML-RPC signal that is sent to one or more "ping servers" which can then generate a list  of  blogs  that  have new material to be indexed. This means the content  is  updated  alot  faster  than  waiting  around for Google's regular  indexing bot that can sometimes go on holidays for weeks without being  seen.

The  result  is ..Real time listing of new content! Near to  real  time indexing of content! Hot topics will be indexed far sooner out  in  blogland  long  before regular websites wake up and are aware anything is going on!

Wordpress  websites  are  springing  up everywhere and if your website does  not  have a wordpress blog attatched you could be missing out on vital traffic to your business.

Websiteblitz  are  now offering a course onWordpress and can help you kick  off  your  website  blog and most importantly get it intergrated with  your  website  to increase traffic and bring new leads into your sales funnel.

Contact us now to find out when the next Wordpress course is running or join the free internet marketing group.

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of increasing a websites visibility (and therefore increasing the amount of qualified traffic) through various onsight and offsight techniques that raise its overall ranking in search engines for particular key words.

Websiteblitz has been in the business of getting websites working for their owners for over 13 years and has remained one of the leaders in SEO.

Following Website Blitz advice on how to publish a website has been very lucrative for businesses involved with our company and now WebsiteBlitz is creating a series of talks on SEO and how it can help your business.

Some things are common sense and some things are completely unknown to the regular business owner.

Contact us today to find out when our next course on SEO is running or join our free internet marketing group.


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