"After 2 years of a website that didn't work, Websiteblitz re - designed and optimized our site. Now we are run off our feet answering inquires.,We just can't believe the difference they made to our Business."


Hi Guys, I’d like to thank you and the team at Website Blitz for the brilliant job you did on the web design for my website and also optimising it.  The response I’ve had is amazing. I’ve had calls from all over the metropolitan area and in fact the state. I have also just spoken with a client who was located in Canada with an Australian tax matter. So from my office in Inglewood, Western Australia, I have gained access to a worldwide market for my business.  Keep up the good work.     

Steven Harrison   
Chartered Accountant Perth WA



19 YEARS OF web Design in Perth.

The websiteblitz team has been doing web design in Perth for the last 19 years but not only Perth also Australia wide.There has been a lot of changes over those 19 years but we have managed to stay at the cutting edge of web design and seo with the everchanging needs of our clients and web design techniques.

As technology advances at a rapid rate our company is agile enough to adapt and grow without losing the personal contact that we have with our customers.Our customers receive the full benefit of the latest technological advances in e-commerce and web design.

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Why do you need a good webdesign?

Having a website is a great way for your business to connect with new customers. Unfortunately while building a website has brought instant success for some businesses, it has the potential to be an absolute disaster for others.

Poor website design is often the primary reason for a website’s failure. This is because it fails to engage the user. We show you how to identify poor web design and how to apply best practice web design principles.

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